Annual Physical Exams

Annual physical exams are an essential part of protecting your health. At both Hampstead Family Medicine and Burgaw Medical Center, Mostafa Rezk, DO offers these preventive exams for the whole family, providing each patient with comprehensive, compassionate care. The offices in Hampstead and Burgaw, North Carolina, also have on-site lab services for a wide range of health care screenings. If you’re overdue for a physical, don’t put it off any longer; let Dr. Rezk and his staff provide the care you need. Schedule an appointment online or by phone today.

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Annual Physical Exam Q&A

Do I need an annual physical?

Most children and adults benefit from yearly physical exams. It’s especially important for children to see their doctor each year. Regular exams can help Dr. Rezk track your child’s growth and screen for common health issues.

Older adults may also need to see their doctor more often to check for potential health problems. If you’re managing a long-term health condition like high blood pressure or diabetes, you should also see a doctor for regular exams.

How can an annual physical help me stay healthy?

Annual physicals give Dr. Rezk and his staff the opportunity to check your weight, blood pressure, lung and heart function, and more. Regular exams are also a great time to ask your doctor about any new or worsening health problems, or any other questions you may have.

With many medical conditions, early detection is critical. But people often put off seeing a doctor until the problem becomes serious or painful.

When health problems are left untreated and progress, they can sometimes lead to life-threatening issues. Annual exams help Dr. Rezk diagnose health problems while they’re still in their early stages and easier to treat.

What should I expect during an annual physical?

During your annual physical, Dr. Rezk or a member of his team perform a thorough physical exam. Your medical provider checks your vital signs and listens to your heart and lungs. They may also look in your nose, throat, and ears.

Next, they might feel your abdomen and your glands to check for swelling. Depending on your age and medical history, they may also perform neurological tests. These tests can help assess your balance, reflexes, and mental status.

What happens if I need additional tests or treatment?

If Dr. Rezk or his staff have any concerns, they may order extra tests. Hampstead Family Medicine and Burgaw Medical Center offer many in-office lab tests. If you do need to go elsewhere for a specific test or scan, the staff will explain your next steps to you.

Some patients may need to see a specialist to receive follow-up care. If you receive a referral to a specialist, the team will help you contact the right doctor so you can get the care you need.

If you or someone in your family is overdue for an annual physical exam, schedule your visit using the online booking feature or by calling Hampstead Family Medicine or Burgaw Medical Center today.

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